CORE Product strategy

Strong and well-managed partnerships with these key vendors enable us to provide a quality service to our clients. Our Focus on the Brands we supply:

We deliver competitive and effective IT solutions.

We supply the following:

  • Storage Solutions
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless
  • Access Points
  • UPS
  • Telephone/VOIP Systems
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Tablet PCs
  • Network Switches
  • PC Hardware
  • Connectivity Solutions (ADSL, 3G, Fibre, Wireless)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Projectors
  • Routers
  • Internet
  • POS Systems

We have the skills to offer advice and consult with you across your IT infrastructure and support your ultimate buying process. This is all achieved with the help of our experience, which allows us to offer comprehensive support and advice on logistics and configuration. We can supply all your software needs, from the basics (e.g. Windows, Microsoft Office) through to IT Infrastructure specialist solutions.