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With a Lithium-Ion, this unit lasts up to 5 years. The Micro UPS Allows Wifi to be used during load shedding. The duration of use during load shedding is at a minimum of 4 hours.
Signal quality is a key factor and will determine if the full bandwidth is possible. To all new applicants, if the signal does not see fit within the range, we will communicate this with you for the best available option. Our services are a “best-effort” wireless internet connectivity where no speed can be guaranteed until the installation has taken place and we can see what speed can be delivered within your area. The agreement will be in force for a minimum of 1 month, where after the agreement may be cancelled in writing with at least one full calendar month in advance. In case of earlier termination the remaining months in terms above will be due and payable. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds is not liable for the equipment on site for the period that the client uses Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds service. p2p and torrent abuse may result in throttling and/or shaping of their services. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds will not be liable for any 3rd party actions against the client. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds provides only the connectivity to the internet. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds at all times retains no ownership of all equipment installed. Client shall ensure that updated antivirus protection programs are installed and activated. Client is prohibited from using any software that may bypass Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds towers, server settings and the like. Client will be held responsible for the safekeeping of all installed equipment. For resolving disputes, the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court at George. Client confirms that the home address above constitutes Client’s domicile address for service of legal process. Invoices will be sent on the Client’s request. Payments are monthly in advance i.e. a debit order on 1st of November, means payment is for the month of November or nearest available date since weekend public holidays effect this. The Debit Orders agent is Netcash, on the 1st of every month or nearest available date since weekend public holidays effect this. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds does not charge for this service, but if funds are not available, and no payment is made, R250-00 will be added to Client’s account to cover costs. Please note that Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds offers a best effort service. Connections are “up to” the speed advertised and not guaranteed. Note also that the 24hour internet connection is subject to conditions and factors beyond Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds control, (power failures, lightning strikes, undersea cable breaks, upstream service providers, etc). Therefore Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds cannot be held responsible for these circumstances affecting the network. Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds will not be held responsible for any problems of viruses and/or spyware on Client computer/s or equipment – Client is responsibility to load, scan and update his or her antivirus and anti-spyware programs. If the client moves premises and Ring-A-Nerd® “RAN” The Nerds need to install the equipment at a different address, a fee will be charged of R650-00 to cover the costs of moving and installing the equipment.
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