Our Laptop Repair Service Includes but not limited to;

  • All makes and models

  • Crashed hard drives

  • Hard-drive repairs

  • Virus Removals

Screen Repairs

Screens tend to crack very easily nowadays (a simple knock or short fall is enough to put it out of service) or the backlighting decides to stop working all of a sudden. In addition to all of the above screens can ocassionally be plagued with clusters of dead pixels, which basically means a single pixel which makes up an image or text or whatever else is being projected on the display will be permanently visible! You may also see vertical lines on the screen, or the ribbon cable can get pinched or damaged. We at Ring-A-Nerd are positive that we can fix all LCD and LED screen issues.

Is it more cost effective to repair your laptop or simply buy a brand new one? Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you in making your decision as to whether your laptop is worth repairing or not. With our affordable & competitive pricing whichever choice you make will always be the right one with Ring-A-Nerd!